Disaggregation is at the core of everything we do – making everything you do more personal

Ecotagious identifies the signatures of major appliances from existing smart meter data and accurately translates them into insightful findings for each of your customers.

Disaggregation allows you to meet your objectives by providing your customers with personalized insights and tailored recommendations.

Motivate your customers

Provide relevant peer comparison to other homes of similar size and type in the neighourhood, using similar appliances. The more relevant the comparison, the more your customers will pay attention to the rest of the message


Focus their attention

Guide them to the right appliances by sharing their biggest opportunities to save

Drive them to action

Provide tailored savings recommendation based specifically on the appliances they are using

Disaggregation is used at each step of every program we deliver—and is responsible for the great results our customers have seen

  • Identifying program potential at your utility

    Our disaggregation technology determines which program to run based on potential energy savings and cost implications for each appliance load.

  • Selecting the right customers for your program

    We use disaggregation to select customers with the highest energy savings potential, allowing for greater impact at lower cost

  • Creating personalized and relevant messaging

    Our disaggregation technology generates a personalized experience for each customer using appliance-level feedback, relevant comparisons and tailored recommendations

  • Results

    The industry-leading outcomes our programs have achieved are a direct result of using disaggregation at every step of the process.