Ecotagious Expands Customer Base Internationally


Leading international utility has selected Ecotagious to provide customers with Powerful Insights™ into their energy usage

June 2, 2016, Vancouver –Ecotagious, a Canadian company known for helping utility companies turn smart meter data into energy savings and customer satisfaction, announced the international expansion of their customer base. Ecotagious is launching their first program with a retail electricity provider outside of North America.

Ecotagious has been chosen to run this program due to their unique ability to turn smart meter data into useful appliance level insights without the need for any additional hardware. The utility company plans to use Ecotagious’ service to show their customers exactly how much electricity they are using on major appliances and how that compares to similar homes nearby. This will also allow them to provide customers with personalized and relevant recommendations on how to save on their energy bills moving forward.

Ecotagious has typically worked with utility companies in regulated, non-retail environments helping them drive verified energy savings to meet regulator imposed requirements. Retail electricity providers, on the other hand, are competing with other utilities for customers and are concerned with finding ways to add value to encourage customer retention.

“This is yet another example of how utilities are starting to adopt a more customer-focused mindset” expressed Bruce Townson, CEO of Ecotagious. “Customers are looking for an easy way to see exactly how they are using their energy along with tailored saving recommendations that are relevant to them.”

Some customers are starting to receive a lot more value from certain energy providers with a customer-centric mindset and access to new technologies developed by firms like Ecotagious. This has resulted in significant energy savings as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.