Ecotagious Inc. Joins Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative

 Ecotagious, a top cleantech company helping utilities achieve residential energy savings and increase customer satisfaction, is newest member of pioneering research nonprofit

VANCOUVER – July 12, 2018 – Ecotagious announced today its membership in Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC). Since its founding in March 2010, SECC has attracted many member organizations – from electric utilities to consumer advocacy organizations – to listen, educate and collaborate for modernized electrical systems and smart energy technologies.

“The collaboration between Ecotagious and SECC is a natural fit as our products focus on educating consumers about their energy use, showing them exactly how they are using their energy and what they can do to save. We hope to share lessons learned from our expertise helping utilities drive energy savings and customer engagement by combining behavioral science, data analytics and machine learning,” said VP of Business Development Salim Popatia.

Ecotagious recently announced its product expansion beyond home energy reports, enabling utilities to further engage with consumers through the rapidly growing smart speaker channel.

“There is an increasing interest among utilities and their customers for hyper-personalized, appliance-level insights delivered through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We are excited to share our learnings with members of the SECC as we explore this new channel to deliver energy insights directly into smart homes,” commented Popatia.

Ecotagious joins a diverse membership of over 150 stakeholders that includes leaders from the business community, utilities, regulators and advocacy groups. SECC activities include funding independent research on consumer smart grid issues, providing forums for members to share and self-educate and collaborating to develop industry best practices.


About Ecotagious Inc.

Ecotagious’ Powerful Insights SaaS solution helps utility companies drive industry-leading energy savings and engage their customers. Through the power of behavioral science, data analytics and machine learning, Ecotagious disaggregates IoT and smart meter data into appliance-level energy insights. Ecotagious’ proprietary analytics are designed to enable the delivery of hyper-personalized energy insights over various channels and have been verified by third-parties to achieve industry-leading energy savings.


About the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative

Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of accelerating the adoption of a smart grid that is consumer-safe, consumer-friendly and consumer-approved. Membership is open to all consumer and environmental advocates, technology vendors, research laboratories and electric utilities for collaboration in research, best practices and consumer education. Learn more at