Our Team

English Bay, Vancouver

Ecotagious is a privately held company that started in 2010 and is based in Vancouver, BC. Our team of mathematical geeks have spent years developing complex algorithms that can analyze smart meter data and pull out the fingerprints left by certain appliances.

We are now disaggregating smart meter data to provide transparency, insights, conservation, customer engagement and so much more for utility companies and their customers.

  • Bruce Townson Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Walsh Chief Technology Officer
  • Salim Popatia VP of Business Development
  • Andrew Handford VP of Corporate Development
  • David Berkowitz Executive Chair
  • Chris Lefaivre
    Chris Lefaivre Director of Sales
  • Laura Cornish
    Laura Cornish Director of Product Management
  • Ryan Gandy
    Ryan Gandy Director of Software Development and Operations
  • Maggie Chen
    Maggie Chen Marketing Manager
  • Stefanie Lash
    Stefanie Lash Data and Design Specialist
  • Ron Dan
    Ron Dan Production Engineer
  • Stefano Macri
    Stefano Macri Big Data Quality Engineer
  • Daniel Thiessen
    Daniel Thiessen Program Engineer
  • Lauren Noble
    Lauren Noble Program Engineer
  • Elijus Sekonas
    Elijus Sekonas Database Analyst