Industry-leading results – driven by disaggregation

Ecotagious has successfully helped utilities achieve objectives through turn-key programs that offer customers personalized insights and an enhanced customer experience.

Ecotagious teams up with Aclara to deliver industry-leading results in a head to head trial comparing Home Energy Report Programs

Other Results


Average Winter Electricity Savings (Third Party Verified)

Our results consistently outperform non-disaggregation based programs and allow utilities to feel confident in our ability to deliver significant, cost-effective energy savings.


Average Natural Gas Savings (Third Party Verified)

Our ability to drive natural gas savings are among the highest in the industry.


Opt-out Rates

This is a testament to the great value seen by residential customers.


Opt-in Rates

Typical opt-in rates for other home energy report programs are 5-10%.


Customer Satisfaction

Customers place great value on the personalized insights they receive and are more satisfied with their utility as a result.


Customer Churn Reduction

Retail utilities have seen a significant decrease in customer churn thanks to the added value of our unique insights.


Email Open Rate

Your emails can only have impact if they are opened. The open rate we achieve outperforms the industry average of 20%.


Email Re-open Rate

Email re-opens demonstrate the high value places on our unique insights.

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