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Q: What is unique about Ecotagious’ smart speaker integration?

A: At Ecotagious, we take smart speaker solutions a step further by personalizing the conversations customers have with their utility companies. Combining the power of meter disaggregation analytics and our smart speaker technology, Ecotagious enables utilities to provide appliance-level energy insights directly to customers on demand. Learn more about “disaggregation analytics” here.


Q: Can the name of the smart speaker skill be branded and customized?

A: Yes! We are all about customization. Having a recognizable skill allows users to easily remember and call on the skill. For example, we can name the skill “Smart Utility“: “OK Google, ask Smart Utility how I can save money this summer.”


Q: Can the “intents” be customized by the utility?

An intent is what the user is trying to accomplish through the smart speaker.

A: We are proud to deliver a customizable solution. We understand that a single “intent” can be achieved by asking a question in various ways. Ecotagious will work closely with the utility to ensure the intents are designed based on Voice User Interface (VUI) best practices and consider colloquial language.


Q: What other intents can Ecotagious provide outside of energy insights?

A: We understand that smart speakers open up a whole new communication channel to engage with utility customers in a cost-effective manner. In addition to appliance-level energy insights, Ecotagious can integrate conversations related to customer service such as  billing-related information, energy program offers or helping customers switch to paperless billing. Click here to download Ecotagious’ list of customizable intents for smart speakers.


Q: Can the intent response include an image or URL link?

A: “Cards” add a visual conversation record and additional information supporting the smart speaker response. Cards can be accessed through the Alexa/Google Home smartphone app, and can include images and URL linking for the user to interact with.


Q: Do I have to use Ecotagious’ developed smart speaker technology?

A: Nope! If the utility has developed their own smart speaker integration, Ecotagious can feed the responses into the existing platform via API. Our team is ready to help with the integration and user testing. Don’t have your own smart speaker integration? No problem! We’ve got you covered.


Q: Do customers need to opt into the smart speaker program?

A: Yes, a smart speaker program would be an opt-in program as customers would need to download an app to their smartphone. Ecotagious is ready to support any marketing activities required to get your customers on board!

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