• Ecotagious does great work. By analyzing our customers’ smart meter data using their proprietary algorithms and producing easy-to-read, customized reports and energy efficiency recommendations they’ve enabled incredible customer engagement that drives cost effective conservation results. The Energy Insights program has been well received by customers and the Ecotagious team has been flexible, responsive, and professional throughout the program planning and implementation. The information they’ve provided us assists us in system planning, determining conservation potential, and driving action and investment by our customers so that our community can reach our conservation goals.

    Stephen Sotille
    Stephen Sotille Conservation Officer - Utilities Kingston & Kingston Hydro
  • We've really enjoyed working with Ecotagious. The conservation results were positive and they were able to teach our staff what the data meant and suggest ways to explain that information to our customers. In cases where we've asked the Ecotagious team to speak directly with a customer, they've responded immediately with solid information that satisfied the requests. Ecotagious has been great to work with, very professional, great service-both for us and our customers.

    Wendy Watson Communication Officer - Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc.
  • Ecotagious has provided an excellent turn-key program with little to no additional resources required to implement. The positive results achieved with the Energy Insights program speaks volumes for the knowledge and experience this organization was able to provide. Their unique ability to identify potential electrical savings has been an asset in reaching our targets.

    Roxanne DesRoches
    Roxanne DesRoches Executive Assistant - Northern Ontario Wires
  • Several utilities are also recognizing the benefits of energy comparison and social benchmarking to meet their targets, drive program uptake and improve customer satisfaction. For example, Kingston Hydro, Greater Sudbury Hydro and North Bay Hydro have launched a program called “energy insights”, which uses smart meter data to send comparative home energy use reports to residential customers. These reports provide helpful information on usage for similar homes and provide tips for residential conservation savings.

    Hon Bob Chiarelli Minister for Energy, Ontario