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Appliance-level Energy Insights via Voice

"Alexa, how much did I spend on air conditioning?"
Now you can get appliance-level energy insights via voice.

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Within the next four years, 55% of homes in the U.S. are expected to have at least one smart speaker—an adoption rate that is faster than smartphones! What can utilities do to stay the primary trusted source of household energy information?

Million Americans

Own a Smart Speaker

Compound Annual Growth

Forecast over the next 7 years

Of Households

Will have a Smart Speaker by 2022

Appliance-Level Insights

“Hey Google, how much did I spend on air conditioning?”

We're able to turn smart meter data into appliance-level energy insights and deliver the personlized experience directly into your customers' voice assistants.

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Personalized Energy Insights
via Smart Speakers

How? Ecotagious can help by turning existing smart meter data into appliance-level energy insights and delivering the personalized experience directly into your customers’ voice assistants.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Deliver personalized insights and advice.

Drive Energy Savings

Provide practical tips and drive program engagement.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide a more meaningful engagement with your customers.

Insights via Voice

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How Smart Can Smart Speakers Get?

Don't settle for generic questions and answers. Get personalized insights. Click on the play button below for responses to questions your customers can ask their smart speaker.


“OK Google, compare my heating use to similar homes.”

“OK Google, how do I sign up for paperless billing?”


“Alexa, how much did I spend on air conditioning last month?”

“Alexa, how can I save on my next energy bill?”

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